Course Duration                             
30 weeks                                                          
Course Lectures                                                    
2 hours per week.
Course Practical
3 hours per week.

Objectives :

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:- dfdfdfdfdf

1/ Understand the basic of human biochemistry , physiology &clinical chemistry.

2/ Understand the biochemical lab. Hazards and precautions.

3/ Know the preparation of solutions and units of measurements.

4/ Perform different qualitative and simple quantitative tests.

5/ Understand the chemical background for renal disease and renal failure.

6/ Understand  the chemical aspects of liver functions and disturbances, and plasma proteins.

7/ Understand the principles of coluorimetery  and spectrophotometery,  and titrametery.

8/ Understand the metabolism and disorders of carbohydrate. 

Course Duration 30 weeks
Course Lectures 4 hours per week
Course Practical 6 hours per week

Course Objective

Upon the completion of this course student should be able to

  1. Do biochemical analysis in different specimens.
  2. Demonstrate on ability to analyze enzymes, hormones and vitamins.
  3. Understand theory and application of quality control and statistics in clinical chemistry laboratory.
  4. Demonstrate and understand the theory and application of instruments including electrophoresis, chromatography, colorimeter, spectrophotometer, and flamephotometery.
  5. Understand the metabolism of CHO, Lipids, Protein, Calcium, phosphorus, and electrolytes
  6. Understand acid base- balance and know how to perform different biochemical test in disorder of acid- base balance and renal system.